turquoise green vase displayed with tulips
Set of 3 turquoise green vases with a satin/matte finish glaze
classic shaped vase, shown in group of 5 displayed with tulips
Five vases in turquoise green satin/matte glaze
turquoise green vases shown with ruler for height refrence
turquoise green vases displayed with tulips.

Vase in Turquoise Green, Satin-Matte finish

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These Vases from Fern Street Pottery are thrown on the potters wheel, by Meredith. The vases are thrown with a stoneware clay and fired to over 2100 degrees. They are glazed in a beautiful satin-matte finish glaze in a rich Turquoise green.

You will find the classic-contemporary design accents your home beautifully. The vases are weighted slightly heavier at the base so that they are sturdy when filled with a bouquet of flowers in them. They have a design that lends well to floral arrangements due to the slightly smaller hole at the top.

Each one is handcrafted one at a time. They match well, but no two are exactly alike, and sizes are approximate. They look striking in a set of 2 or 3. The vases have a flat-trimmed bottom with a potter's clamshell cut pattern.