Customized text on a handcrafted, wheel  thrown coffee mug. (text reads: Custom text mugs. Mug reads: you're my people)
10 Custom text mugs raised in a toast at a ladies weekend (mugs read: you're my people, suncadia)
pottery mug with custom text "richard". white mug with green interior
customized text mug sitting in the snow (mug reads: suncadia)
custom made pottery mug with text "washington" and a sasquatch
set of customized text mugs. mugs read : ain't no river wide enough / ain't no mountain high enough. white mugs, brown text, turquoise interior
a custom mug shown with standard turquoise glaze inside
a collection of pottery mugs with customized text
handcrafted custom mug, showing Ferry boat stamp
a custom handcrafted mug with a Cedar branch impressed into the side. the interior is glazed in a matching green
two custom text mugs with different colors inside. the mug on the right shows the mottled-green upgrade, the mug on the left has the turquoise (standard)
Cedar sprigs pressed into custom mugs, with mottled-green interiors
A custom mug shown with black glaze upgrade inside.
a custom mug shown with brown glaze upgrade inside
custom made mug with "jersey girl" text. black and white photo
a custom mug with cobalt blue interior upgrade
a customized logo on a mug. logo is stamped in and colored with brown on a white mug.
a customized logo stamped into a mug, and inset with brown on white clay.
 Wheel thrown pottery mug with "seattle" and an image of a slug inset on the outside. white outside, turquoise green glaze interior

Customizable Mug, Personalized text, made to order

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*Custom mugs will ship 4-6 after order date

Handcrafted, Wheel Thrown Pottery Mugs with custom order text. The mug is dishwasher and microwave safe, with a lead-free glaze. Holds approximately 12-14oz (about 1.5 cups). The cup is a lovely white clay with a turquoise-green glaze (standard) on the inside, and the customized text will be stamped in, and stained in a chocolate brown. For custom color upgrade options, click on the "style" selection bar and choose an alternate color. Mix-n-match if you like on multiples 

Thrown on the Potter's Wheel by Meredith at Fern Street Pottery. Each one is handmade so no two are exactly alike but they will be well matched (That's the beauty of handmade pottery!) Mugs are microwave safe and dishwasher safe, and of course food safe/leadfree. This sale is for one custom ordered mug. Order a set for a family reunion, ladies weekend, or a customized wedding gift.

****IMPORTANT*** Rush orders are not available. Custom orders ship in 4-6 weeks. Order Early, pottery is a slow process.

**Why does it take so long?****  This mug will not exist until you order it... at which point I will throw it on the potter's wheel. The next day, after it dries a bit, I will trim the bottom, form and add the handle, and stamp in your desired text. The mug will then dry for at least a week, possibly two (pottery dries slowly in the northwest!) before I can fire it and fill the kiln with pottery. (one day to fire, plus one day to cool). Then I glaze- not just your mug but an entire kiln load of pottery- this takes a few days! Next I load the kiln and glazefire to about 2200 degrees (one day to fire, plus about 36 hours for the kiln to cool). When the kiln has cooled, I sand the bottom, pack and ship your mug! Whew!!

*Things to consider:

**Please write your custom text in the notes box on the checkout page or feel free to email me.

keep it short- fewer words look the best! one or two words per line. I don't recommend going over 4-5 words.

Check your spelling!

Writing will be in *all lowercase* letters, in a sans serif font. the "heart in a speech bubble" or a plain "heart" stamp is available to add to the text.   I can add other stamp images: slug, space needle, sasquatch, pug, kitty, dog, crab, sailboat, lighthouse, salmon or owl... 

just indicate if you would like one of these added.

If this is a gift I can ship direct (be sure to put the recipient's address in the 'ship to' section). I will not include any pricing- But do let me know what to write on the card, so they will know who it’s from. (Gift boxes have Fern Street Pottery logo on the outside)


Sorry, I am not accepting new wholesale clients at this time, retail only.


Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Debbie Simpson
I couldn’t be happier!

I ordered a mug from Fern Street Pottery based on other reviews. I adore my Point No point cup. It’s sturdy, dishwasher safe and the design with the heron is perfect. Thank you so much! I’ll be back to order gifts.

Lisa K.
Perfect personalized gift

I received a personalized mug a few years ago and love it so much, I knew it would be the perfect gift! Thank you for making wonderful pottery!

Great volunteer gift

The ladies in my non-profit commissioned a mug for me and it was the best surprise gift ever. I will always think of them when I use and remember the fun times we've had. These mugs are beautiful and hardy.

Julie Buchheit
Beautiful mug, great quality

I bought this mug at a gift shop at Pike Street Market. As soon as I picked it up I could see and feel the quality and craftsmanship that went into making it. It’s a perfect size and feels great in the hand. I’m so glad I got it and now I want to order more!

Katherine Schmid
Custom mug

I have ordered several custom mugs from Fern Street Pottery and they are by far the best mugs ever. The quality and artistry are impeccable. They have the best feel when holding the mugs. Best handles ever for comfort. I highly recommend anything Meredith makes!!!