lumberjack pottery flask shown with shot glasses. carved to resemble woodgrain
lumberjack flask shown with matching shot glasses, pottery carved to look like woodgrain
lumberjack flask, pouring into shot glasses. woodgrain looking pottery
pottery flask, carved to look like woodgrain
lumberjack pottery flasks shown from above, cork stoppers
pottery lumberjack flask shown with shot glasses and bourbon
two pottery lumberjack flasks with cork stoppers
Lumberjack pottery set: Morningwood mug, lumberjack flask and shot glasses
closeup of woodgrain texture in clay before it is fired
pottery woodsman's flask

Lumberjack Flask and Shot Glass Set

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Whiskey on the go or around the campfire for the Lumbersexual, wood worker, beard enthusiast, woodsman or rustic woman in your life! Yes, you can actually feel the woodgrain texture. No two are exactly alike, but sets are very well matched.  Holds about one cup, or 8 fluid ounces. These make great groomsmen's gifts and are a must have in the man cave! Leadfree, foodsafe, dishwasher safe. Handmade one at a time, by hand, in the Northwest woods. Comes with fitted cork stopper.

This listing is for one flask and two shot glasses

(Sold separately as well if you are looking for only the flask or only the shot glasses)