Northwest mugs, stacked. Shown in Carved White, Blue World and Emerald City Green.
two wheeltrhown mugs in green with large handle.
wheel thrown pottery mug in green glaze combo
green mug. pottery, wheel thrown.
two green mugs on a matching serving tray. Hand made tray, wheel thrown mugs, beautiful green glaze
Artisan made Pottery collection in Emerald City Green Glaze. Salt cellar, oil cruet, utensil holder and two mugs.
The artist holding an emerald city green mug, showing the full handle and glaze detail
northwest mug in "blue world" glaze, shown in the PNW outdoors
detail shot of Blue World Glaze on a northwest mug. pulled handle, with thumb groove, pottery mug
northwest mugs shown in Angle dipped white, blue world, and emerald city green. made by artisan pottery
Blue world mug, northwest style coffee mug thrown pottery, showing pulled handle and thumb groove
6 emerald city green mugs stacked on a lumberjack, woodgrain mug, mimicking a tree form
artisan wheel thrown pottery in green glaze combo. mug and serving bowl.

Northwest Mug, in Emerald City Green or Blue World

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I call this mug the Northwest Mug becuase it is designed specifically to keep your large coffee warm longer and to fit comfortably in your hands. It is perfect for snuggling with on a grey northwest day. Comfortable, roomy handle, four-fingered handle (for most!).

This mug was thrown on the wheel by Meredith at her Fern Street Pottery Studio, just out side Seattle, the Emerald City. The mug was thrown with a white stoneware clay then trimmed to have a finished foot and thehandle was added. The shape, which curves in at the top, is specifically designed to keep your beverages warmer longer. The handle is hand pulled, creating a shape that fits comfortably in your hand, with a perfect groove for your thumb.  This mug holds approximately 14oz (14-16oz). It is lead free, microwave and dishwasher safe. They are made one at a time so no two are exactly alike, -especially where the glazes meet, melt and play- but they are very well matched. Coffee tastes better in a handmade mug!

Emerald City Green: glazed it in two layers of green glazes; a matte on the bottom with a gloss on the top half and a beautiful reaction where they overlap.

Blue World: glazed it in a cobalt blue glaze then 4 more layers of different blues and greens on the top half. These glazes melt in beautiful combinations every time.

Northwest Mug style also available as Angle dipped or Carved mugs, which are  Speckled White on red clay.