Pottery bud vase, carved detail in red clay with white glaze over it. Shown here with dried seed pods.
Three different but matching bed vases. tiny pottery vases thrown on the potter's wheel in red clay, carved, then glazed in white. shown with dried flowers
Five carved bud vases ranging from 1.5 to 2.5 inches tall. each one is thrown with red clay, carved and glazed white.
Carved bud vase shown here with matching hanging planter. red clay, white glaze
Mini Bud Vase
5 pottery bud vases. red clay, wheel thrown, carved, white glaze
a tiny wheel thrown and carved pot. bud vase in red clay with white glaze
Bud vases shown with matching mugs. all are artisan made pottery, thrown on the wheel in red clay, carved, and glazed white.
carved bud vase shown with daisies. woodgrain vase shown in background.
2" bud vase shown with daisies and a lager woodgrain vase

Mini Bud Vase

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These miniature vases are thrown on the potter's wheel by Meredith at Fern Street Pottery. The vases are thrown with a warm red/tan stoneware clay, then the pattern hand carved. After drying and firing I glazed it in a speckled white glaze which allows the rich red clay to show through and accentuate the edges of the carved texture. This purchase is for ONE vase, but more may be available. Vases range from 2-3" tall. They are made one at a time so no two are exactly alike! That is the beauty of handcrafted pottery! Allow me to choose for you.

A grouping of three make a great vignette on a window sill or coffee table. Expect some slight variation in the hand-carved pattern. If you like this design, check my other listings for carved mugs, as well as speckled white glaze on other items.

*If ordering multiples, please let me know if you would prefer the carved patterns and vase shapes to be similar or more varied.