wheel thrown pottery bowl glazed in emerald city green glaze combo
Serving Bowl, Emerald City Green
detail shot of emerald city green glaze on a pottery bowl
pottery bowl, glazed in emerald city green glaze. wheel thrown pottery
detail shot of green glaze on pottery bowl
pottery bowl held by the artist. green glaze drips,

Serving Bowl, Emerald City Green

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My Emerald CIty Green Glaze has been a favorite! I start with a matte turquoise glaze and layer a glossy, glassy green over the top. The gloss glaze melts and runs down the pottery when it is fired to about 2200 degrees, and creates a beautiful wave-like pattern where the two meet and mingle. 

I throw my bowls with a wide rim that has curvature to it. The rim is comfortable to hold, frames the contents of the bowl, and holds the pooling glaze beautifully.

This is functional and beautiful pottery to use in your home. Use them as salad bowls, side dish servers, fruit bowls, Pho bowls...

Bowls are dishwasher and microwave safe, you can also keep warm in the oven.

Also available: Matching colanders, mugs, pitchers, serving trays...