two wheel thrown mugs with matching serving platter. red stoneware clay with white glaze, each one has a hand carved pattern on the surface, resembling trees, plants, vines.
northwest mug, wheelthrown coffee mug with tree pattern hand carved into surface. red stoneware clay with white glaze.
Northwest style mugs from Fern Street Pottery. Carved mug in speckled white glaze, Blue world mug, emerald city green mug.
wheel thrown mugs, red stoneware clay with white glaze and carved textures on the surface. shown with matching bowl.
Carved mugs in various patterns ( tree, vertical, vine)  Red clay with white glaze. shown with a rectangular platter with a vine pattern carved on the rim.
vine pattern carved into a wheel thrown mug. large full grip handle, white speckled glaze on red stoneware clay, matching oval platter shown in background.
Fern Street Pottery's Meredith, holding her northwest contemporary style, angle dipped mug. White glaze, angle dipped, on red clay.
stack of northwest mugs from Fern Street Pottery. mugs are 14-16 oz, round bodied, going in at the top to keep beverages warm longer. Speckled white, blue world, emerald city green.
Fern Street Pottery artist, Meredith Chernick holds an Angle-dipped mug. The mug is thrown from red clay and is dipped in speckled white glaze, showing the texture of the clay through. The handle is a full grip, 4 finger handle (for most).
two custom carved mugs, with initials carved into the mug along with their wedding date and a heart. the mugs have a tree pattern carved around them. Great wedding present.

Carved mug, Northwest style

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This mug was thrown on the wheel by Meredith at her Fern Street Pottery Studio. The mug was thrown in a red-brown stoneware clay (stoneware, not terra cotta!) then trimmed to have a finished foot, hand carved, and the handle was added. The shape, which curves in at the top is specifically designed to keep your beverages warmer longer.

The handle is hand pulled, creating a shape that fits comfortably in your hand, with a perfect groove for your thumb. After drying and firing I glazed it in a glossy speckle white glaze which "breaks" (shows through) at the edges to reveal the beautiful red clay beneath. The carved designs are a tactile experience while holding your mug. This mug holds approximately 14oz (14-16oz). It is lead free, microwave and dishwasher safe.

This purchase is for one mug, but more may be available. They are made one at a time so no two patterns are exactly alike, but they are very well matched.

Check my listings for matching serving trays, bowls, travel mugs...

Coffee tastes better in a handmade mug!

Northwest Mug style also available in Angle Dipped White, Blue world or Emerald City Green.