Pottery Berry Colander in Emerald city green glaze. shown with strawberries
berry colander in speckeld white glaze, shown with grapes. photo taken on an adirondack chair on the deck
cobalt blue berry colander full of red cherries on a red picnic table, pottery strainer with blue glaze
Berry colander in pure white, shown with french linens and fresh eggs
large pottery colander in pure white glaze, shown full of apples, rustic wood background
potter throwing a large bowl on the wheel, to be made into a colander.
Pottery berry colundar, thrown on the potters wheel, held by the artist
detail photograph of the bottom of a colander, showing the drainage holes
side view of a pottery colander, showing drainage holes in side of pot and foot/bottom of pot
Pottery Berry colander in speckled white on red clay. shown with matching platter and bud vase
Pottery Berry colander in speckled white glaze on red clay. shown with unpopped pop corn.

Colander, Berry Colander

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Berry colanders are a beautiful way to gather, display, and eat your fresh food in spring! The Berry colanders are approximately 6-6.5" in diameter at the outer rim. They hold a bit more than a pint of berries.

I make larger sizes as well, which make great fruit bowls for your counter as you can rinse and set and let them be beautiful. 

Of course you can use them as pasta strainers- These are fired to over 2,100 degrees, so your boiling pasta water is not a problem!

The strainers have strategically placed holes- the holes in the foot of the bowl are important to let the water run away from the bottom.

Offered in a variety of colors. Dishwasher safe. These do not come with a drain plate. simply allow to drain in the sink, set on the counter or on a cloth napkin after draining.