Crow platter, white with black sgraffito carved crow, shown with crow love mug
Crow Serving Platters, Sgraffito Carved.
Crow plate, white with black sgraffito carved crow
detail shot of crow carving in a pottery platter, texture is shown
pottery crow platter with grapes. platter is sgraffito carved with crow pattern and crow footprint pattern. shown with grapes
close up photo of crow platter with texture of carving showing through glaze.
crow or raven carved pottery platter shown with grapes. crows are sgraffito carved into the center with footprints around the edge. stoneware, black on white clay.
Crow platter, white with 3 black sgraffito carved crow
two rectangular crow platters. stoneware pottery with sgraffito carvings of crows and crow footprints around the edges. large and small size.

Crow Serving Platters, Sgraffito Carved.

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Sgraffito is a form of ceramic surface decoration made by carving through a surface layer to reveal a layer of a contrasting color beneath. These catch-all trays and serving platters are made from a strong stoneware clay, painted with a layer of black slip, then I carve each one by hand to reveal the light clay surface below. There is a subtle carved texture than can be seen as the images are carved from the surface background, not merely painted on. They are food safe and can be microwaved or even warmed in the oven.

Crow Platters come in two sizes- click and scroll on the size option bar to view availabilty and select.

crow mugs may be available separately. 

Shipping is based on size and weight of each package.