pottery hanging planters, hanging in the window, planted with succulents, burrow's tail
hanging planter with plant. pottery planter in red clay, white glaze
pottery hanging planter with twine, planted with a money plant. red clay glazed at an angle in white.
Pottery planter hanging in window. burrows tail plant trailing down from planter
hanging planter shown with matching bud vase. pottery, red clay and white glaze
Pottery hanging planter, hanging in window, planted with a succulent which hangs over the edges.
pottery planters with succulents. one hanging planter, one planter with attached drainage tray. thrwon with red clay and and glazed in speckled white
closeup of pottery hanging planter with hemp/twine hanging ties. artist's stamp in side of pot: "Fern Street Pottery" red clay, white glaze
hangign planter with pen as reference  to show size

Hanging Planter Pot

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So sweet for hanging plants in the window! Great for hanging plants, succulents, or air plants. my favorite is the burrows’ tail. Super cute in a set of three.

These hanging planters are thrown on the wheel by Meredith at her Fern Street Pottery studio. They are thrown with a red-brown stoneware clay then glazed in a speckled white glaze, allowing the clay to show through just a bit. The planters are approximately 3.5" x 3.5" each one is a tiny bit different, which is the beauty of handcrafted pottery!

This planter does NOT have a drainage hole, so it will not drip. You can put a small plant in it, straight from the nursery in the container without replanting, or add more soil and plant the plant, watering sparely. Perfect for succulents!

They are unglazed on the inside, and strung with a hemp twine. The top is a simple loop knot so that you can tie it shorter, or leave it long as desired for your location.

I will include a ceiling screw-hook (“cup hook”) for easy installation (does NOT require tools)! To hang in the window, just screw the hook into the top of your window, directly above the sill.

*plant NOT included. Planter will ship empty.