The artist holding a celadon green Hamsa Wall hanging which has been hand carved with a vine pattern. Her hands are also decorated in a vine pattern with Henna. protection from covid 19 corona virus
An array of Hamsas in a variety of colors, each one hand carved with an eye and a vine pattern, or a fish pattern. Cobalt Blue, Rose Pink, Lavender Purple, Celadon Green, Skye Blue.
hanging hamsa hand in celadon green with evil eye and vine pattern carved in
hanging hamsa hand, sawtooth hanger on back
The artist holding a hand carved ceramic Hamsa in cobalt blue. The hamsa has an eye and a vine pattern carved into it.
Hamsa wall hanging
Hamsa wall hanging
Three Cobalt Blue, hand carved Hamsas hanging on the wall. They look great in a cluster of 3. each one has an eye and vine patterns carved into them.
The artist holding a hand carved ceramic Hamsa wall hanging. approximately 5" and glazed in celadon green which accentuates the carved pattern.
Hamsa wall hanging
showing the back of a ceramic Hamsa wall hanging, with sawtooth hanger on the back.
Hamsa wall hanging in cobalt blue with vine patterns carved in. ceramic, approximately 5"

Hamsa wall hanging

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Hamsa wall hanging with hand-carved vine detail. Available in translucent celadon green, cobalt blue, or lavender glaze. Just shy of 5 inches tall. Ready to hang in your home or outside your door.

It is customary to hang a Hamsa in your living space, above the baby’s crib or at the entry to your home. They make a great house warming or hostess gift to bring to your Seder Hosts.

The Hamsa is said to be a protective amulet, with powers to protect its owner from danger or harm from the Evil Eye. The Hamsa is a protective symbol found in many cultures. In Judaism is is called a Hamsa or Hand of Miriam or the Five Fingered Hand of G-d, in Islamic cultures it is called the Hand of Fatima, Christians call it the Hand of Mary. This Hamsa is ready to hang, having a self leveling (sawtooth) hanger adhered to the back. I have been selling quite a few of these in 2020 as protection from the Covid19 Corona Virus. Good Old Fashioned Insurance!

Available in a variety of colors with carved vine pattern. Great for graduation, heading to college, chanukkah or baby gift. (also available in fish carved pattern, while supplies last.)