vintage style christmas tree shaped candy dish, shown in a vintage decor setting.
vintage style cristmas tree shaped candy dish in a vintage decor setting. speckled green, ceramic
vintage decor. divided christmas tree candy dish in speckled green ceramic
christmas decor, vintage style ceramic candy dish with candy on a teak table
vintage style christmas tree shaped candy dish in Teal glaze, shown with coordinating  midcentury style mugs.
speckled green ceramic tree shaped dish on teak table
detail image of speckled green glaze on christmas tree candy dish. mossy green with brown speckles pooling where melted

Christmas Candy Dish, MCM Vintage style

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This MidCentury Modern Christmas Tree Candy dish is the best! The dish is NEWLY MADE from an actual vintage pottery plaster mold that I have been casting from. The original vintage plaster mold was made in the 1950-1960s. This is a NEW dish, from an authentic, vintage mold! Reminiscent of childhood. I have a limited amount of these amazing dishes for the Holiday season. The tree shape is divided for separated candy or nut presentation. The glaze is lighter at the ridges, making it appear as the tree is decorated in garland. 

I chose glazes that are reminiscent of the era: 

The Emerald City Green is a rich, deep turquoise green matte glaze with a melting gloss glaze at the edges of the dish. This effect is just beautiful where the glazes combine, and causes the edges to appear lighter where the clay shows through, mimicking a garland.

The Speckled Green glaze reminds me of glazes of the 60's and 70's, with its soft speckles throughout. The ridges shine lighter, creating the look of a garland.


The teal matches my teal MidMod mugs perfectly for a wonderful Mid Century themed set.

Dimensions: Tip to trunk 10 3/4 inches
widest part (at the Lower branches) 8 1/2 inches. Depth is about 1 1/4 inches

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Dana Montanari
Perfect for the holidays!

The Christmas Tree dish is beautifully made and the glaze is gorgeous. It’s the perfect place for our candy.