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Glaze Splash Glaze Fountain for potters to glaze the inside of vessels

The Glaze Splash Glaze Fountain kit is here! Potters can save time, materials and money, when you can defy gravity and splash/spray glaze into your vessels. 

I have tested different parts until I found pieces that resist clogging or jamming. I have coordinated it with an compatible, hands-free activation control that powers the pump and works like a charm. I use mine every time I glaze for consistency and speed.

Cleaning the Glaze Splash glaze fountain is easy and simply requires containers of water. 

Glaze fountains are useful when glazing the interior of a pot; Perhaps you want the inside of a bowl to be a different color than the exterior, perhaps you are using a liner glaze on a mug, perhaps you are glazing insides of vases or bowls.

The Glaze Splash fountain will work with glazes containing little to no grit. NOT recommended for glazes with gritty, sand-like grains such as Granular Ilmanite, glaze crystals, etc.

Plan to use the Glaze Splash fountain only with flowing glazes, such as dip or spray glazes- glazes should have a consistency such as that of heavy cream, or melted ice cream. If you have a thicker glaze, try adding water and applying a second layer. The fountains are originally manufactured for water use but work well with thin glazes. Glazes must be sieved to restrict particles in order to protect your pump.

Each Glaze Splash Kit contains: Fountain, power switch/plugs, 3 nozzle attachments, suction cups. Free domestic shipping. Glazes and buckets are not included.

Years of testing have gone into this kit. I use it in my studio every time I glaze. I have invented many versions of glaze fountains over the years until I found the easiest and smoothest way to do it. I have created and tested air mattress foot pumps and attached backflow prevention valves, (boy are they messy when the valve comes detatched!) I have made fountains with tubes going through metal bowls, drilled for drainage- and discovered there is no need for this. You may have seen imported glaze fountains using basket balls (seriously), giant stands, tubes and drilled bowls, these ball pumps are practically impossible to clean. Save yourself the headache and enjoy the Glaze Splash fountain.

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